5 Back Pain Tips for Those Who Sit During Work

If you, like multitudes of others, have a job that requires long hours of sitting, then it’s likely you’ve experienced back pain at some point.  After many months or even years of sitting in the same posture and doing the same type of repetitive movements, that back pain can shift from a quiet nag to a screaming pain you can’t ignore.  If you can’t avoid spending long hours behind a desk, there are a few things you can do in order to try to reduce your oddsof ending up with severe back pain.

  1. Align your computer monitor with the level of your eyes.  This can help with neck and shoulder strain that comes from looking down all day.
  2. Choose a chair that gives good lumbar support.  There are also alternative options such as an exercise ball or kneeling chair that might be beneficial.
  3. Keep your feet flat on the floor at shoulder-width apart as you sit.  Also, be sure that you don’t have a wallet in your back pocket and that you don’t habitually cross your legs.
  4. Position your knees at 90 degrees directly over your ankles.  Sitting properly can help relievetension in the spine, allowing you to sit more comfortably upright.
  5. Perhaps most importantly, build breaks into your routine.  To help remind you to get up and stretch, try setting a timer for once an hour to take a quick walk or use the restroom.

Back Pain and Spinal Alignment

Poor posture while sitting can cause the uppermost vertebra in the neck, your atlas, to misalign.  When the atlas misaligns, it starts a domino effect of compensations down the rest of your spine which can result in mid or low back pain.  It can also cause pressure on the spinal cord, leading to abnormal muscle tension, headaches, and more.  If your atlas has misaligned, you may not be able to hold your head up properly, causing extra stress and strain on the back and shoulders.

If you sit for the better part of the day, making sure your atlas is aligned can help you stay comfortable, pain-free, and productive throughout the day.  Our upper cervical specific adjustments are extremely gentle and don’t use any twisting or popping movements of the neck.  Our goal is to restore normal atlas alignment to allow your body to function at its best.  For many, that means a natural end to back pain and the ability to better enjoy life.
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