Dr. Ben Kuhn

Dr. Ben Kuhn is a graduate of Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa. He was president of the student body’s NUCCA club, a mentor in the radiology department, and an active student liason. In his time at Providence, Dr. Kuhn has developed software used by NUCCA doctors and other professionals worldwide to analyze digital x-ray images. He regularly attends NUCCA conferences in order to remain skilled and current on the latest advances in the technique. He is a loving husband, a father of four, a leader with Scouts Canada, and a passionate chiropractor, bringing skill, compassion, and healing to all his patients.

Dr. Karn Kang

Dr. Karn Kang, born and raised in Surrey, British Columbia, has always been heavily involved in sports and enjoys living an active lifestyle. He competed at high levels in track and field for 10 years until he found a passion for football during high school. Being very interest in human movement and sports, he went on to pursue his Bachelor of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia- Okanagan. Shortly after finishing his undergraduate studies, he moved to Hayward, California to pursue his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Life Chiropractic College West. While in chiropractic school he learned about NUCCA and instantly fell in love with the level of specificity this work requires. He attends regular conferences every year to make sure he remains up to date on the latest advances in the technique to better serve his patients. Dr Kang enjoys the the level of results the NUCCA work produces and is passionate in helping his patients return to normal function so they can regain the freedom of being able to do things that matter most to them.