Dr. Ben Kuhn

Dr. Ben Kuhn is a graduate of Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa. He was president of the student body’s NUCCA club, a mentor in the radiology department, and an active student liason. In his time at Providence, Dr. Kuhn has developed software used by NUCCA doctors and other professionals worldwide to analyze digital x-ray images. He regularly attends NUCCA conferences in order to remain skilled and current on the latest advances in the technique. He is a loving husband, a father of four, a leader with Scouts Canada, and a passionate chiropractor, bringing skill, compassion, and healing to all his patients.

Dr. Balraj (Raj) Dhaliwal

Dr. Raj graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California. With a medical background and career working throughout Canada, the US, and India, Dr. Raj discovered his passion to heal and help others through chiropractic techniques.

Over the years, Dr. Raj has won several awards for his exemplary leadership, most notably Student of the Year and The Lasting Purpose Award during his studies. As a scholar, Dr. Raj served on the student council progressively as a representative, Vice President, and President. His leadership skills were built upon a strong foundation of discipline and respect honed over 30 years of practicing Taekwon-Do, of which he has a 5th dan black belt. He also travelled to India with Sant Nirankari Charitable Mission, donating his energy and chiropractic expertise 5 times!”