Attacking Vertigo at Its Source in Edmonton

Vertigo is a difficult condition to manage for many reasons. For one, a person may never know when the next attack might occur, which can have a terrible impact on day-to-day life. All of a sudden it may feel as if the room is spinning around you, or you are spinning around even though you are still. There are several known conditions related to vertigo, including BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), labyrinthitis, and Meniere’s disease. Other symptoms that might accompany a attack include nausea, headache, a ringing in the ears, and excess sweating.

A traditional approach to treating vertigo usually starts with a visit to an ear, nose, and throat specialist who may prescribe medications like steroids, vestibular suppressants to reduce motion sickness, and anti-nausea pills. While this may provide some temporary relief to get you through the most difficult times, the fact is that the root cause of your episodes is never addressed.

What we focus on at Providence Chiropractic is identifying the underlying cause of vertigo, which is often found to be a specific misalignment of the atlas vertebra. The atlas sits just beneath the skull at the junction between the head and neck. Due to its shape and biomechanics, when it shifts out of normal alignment, it can put abnormal pressure on the brainstem. Because part of the function of the brainstem is to relay signals travelling to and from the brain about the body’s position, confusion of these signals can result in the classic symptoms of a vertigo attack. The upper cervical technique we utilize, NUCCA, is highly specific, extremely gentle, and the adjustments are tailor made for each individual’s needs. If you are experiencing vertigo and you have concerns about the efficacy and safety of traditional medical treatments, you’re not alone. A visit to our practice will help you determine if a specific atlas misalignment is a contributing factor to your condition.


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