Results at Providence Chiropractic Clinic

Providence Clinic has historically always enjoyed a very high level of success with patients suffering from a wide variety of health problems. Some of the most common issues we see which respond very successfully are:

In the summer of 2009 we did an in-house random survey of 300 patient files to determine what our success ratios really are with impressive results!

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Study Design

In an effort to better understand what conditions our patients came to us with and then how effective we were in helping them with those conditions, we collected information from 300 random patient files. In order to be included in the survey, the patient had to have completed our 1 month program of active care (6-7 total visits) at least 1 year prior. The goals between the inclusion criteria were as follows:

1. Include only those patients who followed the recommended initial program of care.

2. Find out how the patient reported doing by the end of the program (1 month).

3. Determine how much follow-up care was required on average in the year following the program.

The results were astonishing!

Conditions our patients presented with


Symptoms of people we've treated at Providence Chiropractic in Edmonton, Alberta

The majority of our patients presented with some neck pain, however the second most common complaint is low back pain followed closely by headaches, and most had more than one thing going on at once!  For more information about how upper cervical care can help with such a wide variety of conditions, click the link to our What we do site for an interactive explanation.

Results of care


Average patient response to chiropractic treatment at Precision Chiropractic in Edmonton, Alberta

As can be seen, our average patient response across the board shows that by the end of the 1 month of active care, 19% of patients experience complete relief from their initial complaints and in total 92.2% of patients reported significant or complete improvement of their symptoms.

And that doesn’t even touch on the added and unexpected benefits that many patients report aside from improvement of their primary complaint. Many report such unanticipated improvements such as:

  • Improved sleeping
  • better vision
  • more mental clarity
  • improved strength and flexibility
  • fewer allergy issues
  • and much more …

For a symptom-by-symptom breakdown of patient response to care, click the links to individual symptoms above.

Number of Follow-up visits

One of our proudest statistics is the number of follow-up visits that our patients require on average following the initial month of care. It was found that in the 12 months following the completion of their treatment program, the average patient only returned for elective care (care as needed according to the patient) 2 times! That works out to a chiropractic visit about every 6 months!

As you can see, NUCCA care is very much about finding what’s at the root of the problem, fixing it, and then not needing to come back over and over again.