Upper Cervical Care for Migraine pain and Epilepsy

In treating migraine sufferers, we have seen nearly all of our patients responding with a 90-100% reduction in migraine severity and frequency.

A research article connecting migraines and epilepsy has confirmed our clinical experience that migraines and epilepsy may be linked. Our experience treating both conditions has shown similar disturbances in the alignment of the Atlas and Axis vertebrae.

Though symptoms may vary, migraines range from moderate to severe and last from 4-72 hours. They are often associated with sound and/or light sensitivity and can be “triggered” by a number of factors.

Epilepsy can be defined by recurrent seizures which have been known to share “triggers” with migraines.

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“I had been suffering with migraines every week or two for the last 25 years with weather changes being particularly strong triggers. Since my first treatment with the NUCCA procedure 4 months ago I have not had a single migraine despite some major storm fronts!” – Cathy

“Though I’d been to many specialists, the answer was always the same – an endless prescription for narcotics. I was frustrated and disheartened. I simply couldn’t under stand why all of these doctors were happy treating the symptoms while ignoring any underlying cause. Surely there must be someone who can find the root of my pain…but who?

Desperate and close to giving up, I cam across Providence. They didn’t offer me any secret potions or magic pills – in fact, the doctor seemed very ‘normal’. He began by explaining his approach and taking x-rays to see if he was able to help me… Only an hour after the first treatment I was pain free for the first time in nearly a year… It is now nearly seven years later, and I am happy to report that my headaches are few and far between. An amazing result to be sure, from someone who was considered ‘untreatable’ by the medical profession.” – Jennifer