Upper Cervical Care for Migraine pain and Epilepsy

About the condition

Upper Cervical Care for Migraine pain and Epilepsy from Providence ChiropracticThe symptoms of migraines can vary significantly from one patient to the next, but as a rule, migraines are usually moderate to severe in intensity and last from 4-72 hours.

Migraine headaches are often associated with sound and/or light sensitivity and in 30-40% of cases are preceded by an “aura” or other visual disturbance.

Migraines can also be “triggered” by a variety of sensitivities such as food, weather changes, emotional stress, fatigue and others.

Epilepsy can be defined by recurrent, unprovoked seizures. The type and frequency of seizures across epileptics can vary significantly from patient to patient but many triggers for epileptic seizures are consistent with triggers of migraines.

Theory of how upper cervical treatment helps


Patients who suffer from migraines have always been some of our most successful and vocal cases at Providence due to the typically persistent nature of migraines and the very few effective treatment options which are available out there. However recently, Dr. Kuhn has noticed a trend which may shed even more light on the situation!

Dr. Kuhn began to see a trend in migraine-suffering patients in which there was consistently a minimum level of rotation between the Atlas (C1 vertebra) and Axis (C2 vertebra) in resting posture of 4-5 degrees. Review of a number of cases over the years has supported this theory. In further support is that when the rotational misalignment between those two vertebra is reduced, migraines are drastically reduced in severity and frequency or are completely gone.

Of even more interest and support of Dr. Kuhn’s theory is that the epileptic cases which have presented in the clinic and been reviewed have shown similar but more pronounced rotation between C! and C2 (7-12 degrees). There are obviously other factors as well, as some patients are apparently more succeptible to migraines or seizures as a result of this misalignment, but this seems to be a key factor in treatment and management of patients suffering from these conditions.

A research article investigating the connection between migraines and Epilepsy reinforces Dr. Kuhn’s theory that the two are linked. The article finds that families with history of epilepsy are twice as likely to also suffer from migraines, suggesting a genetic or anatomical sensitivity in addition to the structural rotation component that is described above.



Migraines were not individually studied in our in-house survey, however Dr. Kuhn has found that nearly all his migraine patients have responded with 90-100% reduction in migraine severity and frequency with appropriate care.

“I came to Dr. Kuhn on the suggestion of my sister who had found successful relief from her headaches. I had been suffering with migraines every week or two for the last 25 years with weather changes being particularly stron triggers. Since my first treatment with the NUCCA procedure 4 months ago I have not had a single migraine despite some major storm fronts! I would encourage ANYONE who suffers from migraines to at least get checked to see if NUCCA can help you like it has helped me.” – Cathy

“I came to see Dr. Creswell as I had migraines on a weekly basis to the point that I could not go to work when I had them. Today I feel great! The only time I get migraines is when the weather changes with powerful winds but with these migraines I can still function at work. I would HIGHLY RECCOMMEND this treatment!!!” – Sandra

“Monday rolls around and I’m faced with my usual decision. Stadol? Oxycocet? Toradol? Hmm….
Not the typical Monday morning decision for a 24 year old but then again, my life isn’t exactly typical. Though I have a great marriage and promising career, I am afflicted with constant and debilitating migraine headaches. In fact, I haven’t woken up without a headache for nearly a year. Besides being a literal pain in the head, my headaches have caused other problems. I often have trouble reading my computer screen, experience difficulty concentrating on even simple tasks, and am rarely able to enjoy myself at social functions. Oh – and of course there is the hair loss, pale skin, and lack of energy associated with chronic pain.

Though I’d been to many specialists, the answer was always the same – an endless prescription for narcotics. I was frustrated and disheartened. I simply couldn’t under stand why all of these doctors were happy treating the symptoms while ignoring any underlying cause. Surely there must be someone who can find the root of my pain…but who?

My search for help was long, expensive, and disappointing. I devoured medical journals, reading up on the latest preventative treatments. I visited naturopaths, iridologists, nutritionists, herbalists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, and traditional chiropractors. I even ventured into the office of a man my husband termed ‘The Witch Doctor’. Though I learned a great deal about alternative treatments, no one was able to give me any relief.

Desperate and close to giving up, I cam across Dr. Creswell. He didn’t offer me any secret potions or magic pills – in fact, he seemed very ‘normal’. He began by explaining his approach and taking x-rays to see if he was able to help me. Unlike other treatments I’d tried, his didn’t take funny, cause me pain, or force me to take out a second mortgage. In fact, they were so quick and painless I wondered if in fact he had actually done anything at all.

But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Only an hour after the first treatment I was pain free for the first time in nearly a year. I couldn’t believe it! Was it a coincidence? Luck? After being disappointed so often, I was not easy to convince.

The headaches did return – quite often at first. But each time I visited Dr. Creswell he was able to cure the headache, without the need for my usual narcotics. And quite soon, I was able to hold my adjustment long enough to be pain free for long periods of time. Finally my life was returning to normal.

It is now nearly seven years later, and I am happy to report that my headaches are few and far between. An amazing result to be sure, from someone who was considered ‘untreatable’ by the medical profession. Thanks to Dr. Creswell and the NUCCA approach, I am able to work, maintain my marriage, and be the proud mom of two beautiful children. Could I have done it with narcotics? Never. With NUCCA? Absolutely.” – Jennifer