As can be seen in the graph below, Upper Cervical care has produces some tremendous results for many of our patients suffering from headaches. More than 92% of our patients who reported headaches as a major complaint seeing complete or significant relief.

There are many different kinds of headaches which all have different causes, but most of which can be helped with a proper upper cervical alignment. Some of these include migraine headaches, tension headaches, and chronic sinus headaches.

Misalignment in the upper cervical spine can cause tension around the blood vessels at the base of the brain, chronic muscle tension at the base of the skull, and even shifting of the bones of the skull themselves.

“For over 20 years I suffered headaches which emanated from a painful spot at the base of my skull. I tried various treatments but received no relief from any of them. With NUCCA care, I was immediately relieved of my pain after my first treatment. The pressure and tension was gone from around and behind my eyes and I am thankful that I require only an occasional “tweaking” to keep my headaches in check.” – Rhonda

“Before I saw Dr. Creswell, I had been in a car accident and for seven years I had a headache and back pain. I had seen several chiropractors and physio with no results. Since getting NUCCA treatment, my headaches and back pain are gone!” – Rose

About the condition

Upper Cervical Care for Headache pain in EdmontonNearly every one of us will experience a headache (also called cephalgia) at some time in our lives. Headache is a general term for pain in or around the head and can have a large variety of causes from the serious (meningitis, stroke, or brain tumors) to the benign (sinus cold, neck tension, or hitting your head).

More than 99% of headaches across the board are of the benign type (no life-threatening underlying condition) and the great majority of those fall into either the classification of being a tension headache or migraine headache.Your best way to differentiate between a serious and benign headache is to see a qualified health professional.

Theory of how upper cervical treatment helps

Since migraine headaches are covered on different part of the website, we’ll focus on the tension headaches here. Tension headaches (as the name implies) are caused by prolonged tension of the muscles of the neck and head which pulls on the connections of those muscles to the skull, irritating it and causing pain.
At Providence Chiropractic, we see consistently that misalignment of the top bones in the neck cause a bracing to occur within the muscles of that area, putting those muscles under constant elevated tension and causing tension headaches or at least making a person more prone to them.

Common aggravating activities of tension headaches include reading, sewing, and other activities where the head is flexed forward (looking down) for prolonged periods. Also activities such as driving and computer work can be aggravating due to the often poor ergonomics of such activities.

The Upper Cervical care provided at Providence Chiropractic is designed to gently and effectively re-align the top bones in the neck back to their natural and more effective positions which in turn allows for the muscles supporting them to relax and thus relieve the cause of the tension headaches.

Some sinus headaches can also be helped through upper cervical care by the same mechanism and are aggravated or made more likely when the uneven tension of the head and neck muscles subtly shift the position of the bones of the skull, thus narrowing the drainage pathways of the sinuses.