Sciatica—What It Is, and How to Obtain Natural Relief

What is sciatica? It is a painful lower back condition that involves pressure being placed at any point along the sciatic nerve. This is usually the result of a ruptured or herniated disc. This very large nerve extends from the spinal column downward and branches in half, running down each leg. As a result, pain is often felt on one side and may radiate from the lower back, through the buttock, and all the way down to the foot on occasion.

Another name for sciatica is piriformis syndrome. This term comes from the fact that as the sciatic nerve leaves the pelvis, it goes through the piriformis muscles. Some researchers believe that it is spasms in these muscles that create much of the pain of sciatica.

Why Upper Cervical Care Helps with Sciatica

It may seem counterintuitive to adjust the neck to help the lower back, but science supports this approach. The fact is that lower back pain is often caused by poor posture which is the result of an upper cervical misalignment. When the C1 and C2 are out of alignment, the rest of the spine moves to compensate. One shoulder may drop, and one hip may become higher than the other. As a result, there may be herniations or bulges that press on the sciatic nerve. Therefore, correcting the upper cervical misalignment is actually the best way to restore proper posture and remove the pressure from the sciatic nerve.

At Providence Chiropractic, we use the NUCCA technique to detect and fix specific misalignments of the upper cervical spine. When corrected, these misalignments often help relieve lower back pain, such as that related to sciatica. In fact, 95% of the patients who come into our practice with lower back pain see improvement or even complete resolution. We would love to try and produce the same results for you.

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