Solving The Mystery of Meniere’s Disease Naturally

While the effects of Meniere’s disease can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with, there is hope. Symptoms of Meniere’s disease include ringing and fullness in the ears, extreme vertigo, and some degree of hearing loss. In the majority of cases, only one ear is affected. The onset of Meniere’s disease is typically anywhere between the ages of 20 and 50, but it can occur at any age.

What’s the Cause of Meniere’s?
The cause of Meniere’s disease is not fully understood, though it’s generally thought to be related to an increase in fluid within the inner ear. There are many theories out there, including allergies, viral infection, trauma to the head, or an abnormal immune response. Because Meniere’s is poorly understood, the common treatment options merely keep symptoms at bay rather than trying to correct a root cause.

Can The Spine Be Related to My Meniere’s Disease?
One of the major functions of the spinal column is to provide protection for the delicate spinal cord. The spinal cord is responsible for relaying signals that travel to and from the brain. The topmost vertebra in the spine, the atlas, can misalign and lead to a disruption in those signals, which carry vital information about various body functions. When these distorted signals affect the body’s sense of balance and hearing, then this can potentially lead to the experience of Meniere’s symptoms.

At Providence Chiropractic, we take a unique approach to addressing the atlas misalignment. NUCCA care is an extremely precise and very gentle way of correcting atlas alignment. The overall goal is to ultimately make fewer and fewer corrections to allow your body to heal naturally from Meniere’s disease as well as many other conditions. When the atlas remains in normal alignment, proper communication over the nervous system is restored which can lead to a reduction of Meniere’s symptoms.


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